My first solo show is here!

My first solo show is here!

Come join me for my first solo show...

'Feels Like Home' 2023

After months of planning and preparation I am so excited to invite you to my very first solo art exhibition. 

The show itself centers around the idea of what makes a place a home, which seems only fitting seeing as its taking place in my home town! Humber street has had a special place in my heart for years as i'm sure is the case for many other Hull creatives. Its gallery, cafes, and in recent years, print shops have felt like a melting pot of ideas that I was dyeing to be apart of. 

And now, three years after graduating, and one year after going full-time as a painter its finally happening, I feel like i'm apart of it. To I was nervous would be the biggest understatement ever but I couldn't be more excited to share my new collection. 

If would would have told me three years ago about everything that has happened since it would be very easy for me to say theres no way I would have believed it, but, here we are...

This feels like a new beginning, we are just getting started. 

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